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parking lot across eisenhower avenue. those out of harm's way, escorted in by police. changed plans for this couple, which is moving in tomorrow. >> it's a pain, but they are doing the best they can with the situation and we understand. we want to finish painting, so we can move in, but it happens. >> residents like greg got word via e-mail on a neighborhood list. >> i made it work and i'm bringing the e-mail. something is going on here, it was particularly interesting to me, because it's my building that it's going on in. >> while other train services were shut down, metro was still running. see the tracks on the suspect apartment. police agencies -- let the track be used by vre. they closed down the trains for a couple of hours. we were told they resumed at 4:15. there was a backup, but the
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trains are running. live in alexandria, we'll bring you up to date. >> thank you, gary. appreciate that. now there are other major traffic problems we know about. patranya is in the traffic center with more on the good friday ride home. patranya. >> it is friday. it is beautiful weather outside, and a lot of people in town for the cherry blossom festival. it is not going to be pretty out there on the roadways. let's start with an accident. this is the dulles toll road eastbound going toward i-66. we have an accident blocking all lanes right now. so traffic is major, major delays from springhill road over to i-66. all access road to the airport is open. let's take a trip around the beltway. you are going to be seeing this. we are going to be tracking brake lights all the way to 270. expect a 30 minute commute going through that route without any incidents or accidents. as we take you back to our real time map. the worst spot in virginia is definitely this long sea of red on 95 heading southbound, it's going to take close to two
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hours right now to get from 495 all the way to triangle. this is without any incidents out there either and finally, as i said earlier, cherry blossom festival in full swing, as you can see at 14th and independence. a lot of traffic. a lot of people walking the streets. be careful and my advice for today and the rest of the weekend, please take public transportation. guys, back to you. >> all right patranya. police say one woman and a teenage girl were attacked inside a metro station garage. investigators think the same man is behind the assaults at the largo town center station. they don't know why metro waited so long to tell the public. more on this story. deborah: >> the first rape police say happened on the fourth level of this garage. now, people we talked with say they are not happy about not being alerted. >> it is scary to know that a
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rape happened right here. it would have been nice to be told about it. >> metro riders reacting tonight and are just now learning about violent attacks on metro property two months ago. >> it's not fair to the residents of this area. it's not fair to us. >> police say a woman who got off the metro rail headed to her car in this parking garage. 19-year-old jonathan david duffy attacked her and stole her car. police say it happened february 5. court records show six days later, metro police spotted the woman's car back at the largo metro station. they also found duffy with a 13- year-old girl. court papers show he is charged with statutory rape. none of this was made public until now. >> they owe us as residents of bg county. i feel they kept it under wrap. >> 9news now made requests. those requests were denied. they would only say they
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delayed making the incidents public because they didn't want to compromise the investigation. the board of director's chairman, peter benjamin gives another explanation. >> all of that was happening at the time of the snowstorm. somehow or another, someone in media relations did not get that out. >> some will say that's not a good enough excuse. >> i don't know what you say about the fact that somebody made a mistake. >> there are issues, because i take the metro every day, and most of the times, i have to walk from my house, so somebody got raped, they should have made it their business to put it in the news. >> there were two reported rapes and two sexual batteries so far this year. only one reported rape on metro property. all of last year. lesli. >> any changes that metro stations in light of these incidents? >> well, metro police will only say that they patrol the area 24 hours a day, but as you can see, it's a big area to look after.
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and they say they aren't going to make any changes. the board of director's chairman said he is going to look and ask the police chief to see how they give out information and what should be made public and when. reporting live in largo, 9news now. all right. new information tonight in the mass shooting investigation that involves the 14-year-old that police say was behind the wheel of the get away van during that drive by tuesday night. apparently, he is related to two of the other suspects also in custody. audrey barnes talked with several corrections officers who are familiar with the whole family. >> police say the 14-year-old suspected of driving the get away van to the shootings on south capital street tuesday night is now in protective custody here at the center in northeast. corrections officer, who didn't want to be identified, says the boy is the younger brother of suspects, orlando and san juan carter and have been in and out of this facility since he was
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11 or 12. remannedded into custody from everything from assault to unauthorized use of a vehicle. >> that corrections officer says carter asked for him when he was brought back to this facility after his arrest. he says the teenager is very remorseful and claims to have been duked into giving his brothers and a friend a ride. >> and then the passengers unloaded their weapons on a crowd in front of an apartment building on south capital street. killing four people and wounding five others. a shooting some say might have been avoided. dc police detectives went to the u.s. attorney's office a few days before the shooting to get a warrant for orlando carter's arrest in a march 22 homicide. prosecutors wouldn't take it to the judge. a decision many now question. >> i would expect that if the police department can present a case with as much information as they did in this one, that the next time this happens, an arrest warrant would be issued. >> late today, ron macon
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issued this statement. we can only approve arrest warrants when sufficient proximate cause has been accomplished. as far as the teen's involvement, he has apparently told corrections officers he didn't shoot anyone, just drove the van. audrey barnes, 9news now. no matter what his involvement was in dc, 14-year- old can only be charged as juveniles and held until they are 21 if convicted. in maryland and virginia, 14- year-olds can be tried as adults. antigovernment groups wants bob mcdonald to step down or be removed from office. sent a letter saying as much to governor mcdonald and the governors of 29 other states. they want to restore america by peacefully dismantelling parts of the government. the fbi says the letters do not contain any specific threats of violence, but suspects all 50 u.s. governors to get them. starting today, fewer air travelers will have to go through extra security
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screening to get into the u.s. now checking names against the no fly list and second list provided by american intelligence agencies. bill brown is live with more on the latest changes. joel. >> reporter: yeah, lesli. those guidelines that took effect on christmas day brought cries of racial profiling. these rules are aimed at being more specific and targeted toward suspicious passengers. the security screeners have new tools to keep american skies safe. they are using a list of characteristics to snag suspected terrorists before they board airplanes. screeners will still search for names on the government's no fly list, but they will look at where they traveled before. passengers departing from baltimore give the new policy mixed reviews. >> don't see a problem with it at all. increased security is good for everybody. >> i wish that they did security that made sense, that
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was consistent and seemed to really make a difference. >> the changes announced friday replace the current policy, which is only three months old. it singles out passengers from 14 countries, most of them muslim, for additional screening. that procedure came in response to the failed attempt to blow up a plane over detroit on christmas day. the new rules will apply to all travelers arriving in the u.s. from any foreign destination. >> it is a system that we think is much more effective. much more efficient. much more concentrated as we see it. >> the u.s. government has no authority to screen passengers in foreign airports. so officials offered to share intelligence and hope other countries get on board with this new plan. foreign airlines choose not to follow the new u.s. guidelines, american authorities can find them or ban their aircraft from landing on u.s. soil. >> so after that christmas day event, president obama ordered a top down review of terror
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screening procedures at airports. this review the changes are a direct result of that, lesli. >> what is the obama administration say about criticism that this amounts to more racial profiling? >> what the administration is saying, as this new strategy is much more tailored to what the intelligence is telling them, about a specific threat that may be out there as opposed to stopping all individuals of one nationality. >> thanks so much for that update. a 9news now update. the district fired a nonprofit group that managed the dc emergency winter shelter for homeless families. that group was called families forward, but earlier this week, we told you about allegation that families forward fail to notify the city that shelter employees allegedly solicited sex from people who were staying at the shelter. the district will look for a new contractor. >> donations are pouring in for the father of a fallen marine. schneider's son, matthew, was killed in iraq. when schneider buried his son,
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an antichurch group -- recently pay the church's legal costs which were more than $16,000. the american legion says it has already collected most of that amount. tourists gathered at the vatican on this good friday. at st. peter's basilica, the lord's passion, marking good friday. and the pope presided over a traditional service. thousands of catholics gathered to mark that way of the cross procession. and all this comes as the pope and the catholic church face harsh criticism for pedophile priest cases. the archdiocese of washington has. to raise awareness themselves.
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we get that story from lindsey at 6:00. now to a commuter alert, not just for tonight, but every friday night this month. all april long, a series of 5k runs in the crystal city area. parts of crystal drive, potomac avenue, and the streets you see highlights here will be closed. those roads will close in an hour and open back up around 7:45. after the break, a live report from the title basin as huge crowds come out to see the cherry blossoms. and devon. >> beautiful out here again today. many upper 70s, lower 80s for us. we'll spring this through the weekend with a weak front making an appearance. we'll tell you how that affects the weather. job numbers are up, but a lot of those positions will be gone when the summer goes.
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it was so nice, we asked
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our teacher if we could come outside today. meantime, major changes going on around the grounds of the lincoln memorial. the planning commission has approved $30 million to repair the leaking reflecting pool. filtered water from the title basin will be pumped into the pool and they will be building new walkways. that construction gets going in the fall. that will close the pool down for two years while it is being reengineered. meantime, moving closer to reality. the national capital planning commission encouraged development of the design, hoping to create an unexpected attraction in the courtyard. members of the planning commission say they want to see more daring architecture in our city. the temporary structure will be installed twice a year for a few weeks. >> and tonight, the national mall is pretty popular. they have the cherry blossoms, weather out there like this. what could you ask for? >> i know, alex is out there with a look at how to capture the perfect picture down by the
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title basin. hey alex. >> lesli and derek, we are out here enjoying this lovely spring afternoon. observing visitors from all over who are trying to capture that postcard perfect picture that most of us are trying to get of this beautiful cherry blossoms. but there's more than just pointing and shooting. framing, lighting, composition, all things kelly should consider if she wants to capture photographs with the cherry blossom trees in the foreground. >> i can't improve on perfection. >> we introduce rupert and her husband to photo safaris. the pro offered some tips. >> first of all, you want to not put the washington monument down the middle of the picture. this is a little bit washed out. the sky is not as deep blue. >> you weren't listening?
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>> actually, she seems to be following instruction well. >> push your thumb on that button. >> here's the second picture, after taking the picture take crash course. >> i think it's darker, and you have a little more light on the cherry blossoms, too. >> i learned how to use my camera a little bit more. >> just a matter of making the picture, making sure what's in the view finder, or in the screen is interesting and not boring. >> tell you what, there's a lot to remember with those digital cameras. now the title basin is not the only place that is drawing crowds with lots of cameras. cherry blossoms in a neighborhood in bethesda. we are going to take you there coming up at 6:00. 9news now. thanks, alex. another sign of the season at the beach tonight. where part of the beach boardwalk is back open again. an eight block section had been closed down since september.
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they were renovating it. the upgrades have new fencing, water fountains, and foot showers, when it gets all sandy. work is being done on the board walk between surf avenue. >> flooded out new england will need new repairs and renovations. janet got a first-hand look at the flooding in rhode island. some of the areas that are still under water in that state are still under water after three dais of pounding rain. the national weather service says rhode island's river probably won't fall below flood stage until sunday at the earliest. along the potomac, damage estimates are in. the dollar amount for repairs, $2.8 million. the national park service says flooding did a number on the path near harper's ferry, and a lock about a mile upstream from dc. well, not complaining about flooding or anything like that
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around here. this is excellent, excellent weather. >> rear-view mirror for us. we are looking to continue this through the weekend. we don't see an end to this coming in until the end of next week and that's a quick moving storm, too. one front that is going to make an appearance. you can be thankful, we talk about our changes here in washington, the planes, that's where they see some changes. let's go with the business mark. bismark. you get snowfall to come down, too. how about the first three days. we are looking at 80-degree temperatures for a lot of us, but i think 76, 77 for national, that's because we have the south winds coming right off the potomac. cooler, that actual observation point. the rest of us, upper 70s. many areas of the beltway, and we'll see that trend continue through the weekend. this front i was telling derek and lesli about here, really think it wipes out and goes through. that's bringing a few clouds,
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if any. we'll continue these mild temperatures at national, right around the mid and upper 70s. overnight tonight, temperatures only falling into the mid and upper 40s. the district, the heart of washington, 55 for a low temperature. through tomorrow morning, most of us will be through the 50s, where it's the warmest to start things off in the morning. you may be close to 60 degrees. here's a few of those clouds by midday and the afternoon. south breeze does pick up ever so slightly. 10 to 15 miles per hour. we are at mid 70s here and also the trend where the south winds come off the chesapeake, even further off into the atlantic. even as you go to andrews and washington. so generally, the warming trend is the warmest out west and coolest off to the east. we have a good forecast track on what's coming in with this front. talk about how it's going to die out and watch it as it does so. the ohio valley into the appalachians, overnight saturday into sunday. we may see a few sprinkles in
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garrett county, maybe towards that territory, but as it moves over washington, that front fades out and dies away and we aren't going to see any rain out of it. watch these low temperatures here tonight. 50s for many of us. upper 40s for the rest of it. it's a cool night. can't call it, i don't think all that chilly. it's well above where we should be, and even for high temperatures well above where we should be, we should be into the 60s for high temperatures. seven-day forecast, as i mentioned, there's going to be an end to the string of the weather. wednesday night into thursday, some showers rolling around. that's a quick moving system. we return it back out to sunshine and 70. it is cooler after that system moving through next friday. still great. tremendous all weekend long as we head into easter sunday proper. and we return nothing but bright sunshine as we start off next week. indications, we are back in the upper 70s and into the lower 80s. >> that's a good looking forecast. >> what's the average this
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time of year? >> should be about 62 this time of day. >> folks, have you done your taxes yet? not to spoil your day. >> right after the break, we'll tell you the document you need to keep and the ones that are safe to throw away.
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ever say to yourself around tax time, if i could just find that one piece of paper? here's a reason not to put off that task. a recent survey found 16% of taxpayers lost money on their returns because they couldn't find an important piece of paper. tonight's consumer alert, what to keep and what to toss. >> an audit five years ago sent josephine bentley into a panic as she confronted mounds of financial paperwork just stuffed into boxes and bags. >> i spent hundreds of hours with different piles of paper on the floor and it was just a nightmare. >> now, josephine with the help of a professional organizer has a much better system. consumer reports money adviser says, a big hurdle in conquering those piles of paper
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is that we don't throw enough out. >> you need to save your bank statements for one year. >> your utility and service bills can be ditched after you receive the new bill. another option, going paperless. >> you can avoid getting paper bills if you pay your monthly bills online. >> bank deposit slips, and atm records cluttering up your life? >> you can toss these scraps after checking them against your bank and credit card statements. >> there are documents you should never throw away. birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, and vehicle titles. you want to put those in a safe deposit box. when you do toss things, use a shredder so no one can steal that important information by going through your trash. josephine says getting organized allows her to be more productive and a lot less anxious. >> you can sleep well at night. >> now make copies of anything that you store in your safe deposit box so you can have them on hand for easy reference in case you need the
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information. to get a complete list on the papers to keep, you'll find them on click on living smart. thanks, lesli. can you feel the buzz in the air? in our next half hour, just how excited folks are for the next i pad. >> plus, new research finds flip-flops are actually good for your knees. we'll bare all coming up. more than 100,000 americans are back at work, but will it last? i'm randall, that story coming up. [ sneezes ]
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♪ music plays ♪ [ sneezing ] ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life. welcome back. let's restet reset some of the top stories in the news right now. train service was stalled for most of the day because of an on going police standoff. police are negotiating with the man who they believe has a gun, so far, no reports of injuries. and we are only now learning of two separate raids back in february. investigators think the very same man is responsible, he has been arrested, but metro is coming under scrutiny for not notifying the public right away. and some new airport security measures have kicked in. as of today, fewer air
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travelers have to go through extra screening to get into this country. screeners are checking names against the no fly list and a second list provided by u.s. intelligence agencies. mixed news on the economic recovery front tonight. march saw more people get jobs than any point in the past three years, but as randall reports, the bad news is a lot of those jobs will be gone once the summer ends. >> elizabeth maybe over qualified to work for the census bureau, but it's a job. >> have you had a chance to fill out your census? >> he was let go from goldman sax during the financial crisis. this allowed the obama administration boast a major improvement. >> this month's increase of 162,000 jobs was the best news we have seen in more than two years. >> but half of those jobs are temporary and both the government and economists warn the recovery will still be slow
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and painful. >> today's numbers are a little bit misleading. the economy is not that strong. we aren't adding 160,000 jobs per month, a lot of it is coming from the census and these temporary jobs. >> the census bureau is hiring more people and could affect the employment rate for months. >> by the end of the summer, the census will be over and those jobs gone. >> we expect the employers to peek around 10.3% in the fourth quarter this year. >> did you have a chance to fill out your census form? >> how significant is the census pay? >> well right now, any money is welcome. so it definitely has done wonders for me. >> hello. >> but soon, she'll have to find a new way to earn a living. randall, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> president obama called the numbers encouraging during today's town hall meeting in charlotte, north carolina. an inews now update.
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in prince georges county, a judge has given david 60 days behind bars. he pled guilty to illegally selling a handgun from the trunk of his patrol car. a gun that had belonged to the morning side police department. ken ailmen is recovering tonight. he was admitted after a massive nosebleed caused his blood pressure to drop. doctors successfully repaired a ruptured artery. he is expected to remain in the hospital until tomorrow. veteran tv actor, john forsythe is being remembered for his lengthy career tonight. he is perhaps best remembered for the scheming oil tycoon on dynasty and the voice of charlie on charlie's angels. john forsythe died last night for complications of pneumonia, he was 92. doctors flip-flopping on the safety of flip-flops? the shoes, which have been
5:33 pm
declared unsafe not too long ago could be good for your knees. sandra hughes explains. >> jen mcbride is a southern california flip-flop fanatic. >> how many pairs of flip- flops do you have? >> more than i can count. i have flip-flops in every color, all different styles as well. >> now there is evidence that her fashion choice could be doing her some good. a new study found that when wearing flip-flops, there is 15% less load on knees than in other more stable shoes. >> as a runner, because i know i am putting a certain amount of pressure on my knees daily, so i would tend to go towards something that would not do that when i'm not running. >> the study analyzed 31 people with os osteoarthritis and compared that by wearing clogs, and stability shoes. the findings say researchers indicate flip-flops are better for your knees than stable shoes, possibly because the
5:34 pm
natural flex of the footlessens the impact on the joint. when you are wearing stiff souled shoes, you tend to stomp. >> i would tend to agree that a more cushioned type shoe, which some of these flip-flops are, could decrease the load to the knees. >> dr. steven winefelled is the chief of foot and ankle surgery and he warns that this new research doesn't mean everyone should wear flip- flops. >> the flip-flops offer no protection to the foot. no support to the arch. the foot is exposed to the environment. >> but for jen mcbride, it's a matter of what feels good. >> i'm most comfortable when i'm wearing my flip-flops. >> sandra hughs, cbs news, los angeles. >> and doctors do note when flip-flops wear thin, it's time to get a new pair. wore down soles or worn down soles can create injuries, such as slips and falls and that can cause long-term damage to your ankles and feet and no word on damage to eyes if your toes look bad. >> don't wear them if your
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toes look bad, right? this is flip-flop weather. derek, goodness. meteorologist, devon lucy is out on the terrace with your out and about forecast. >> wonderful out here tonight. i was out for dinner myself. i was walking over the northwest, every single patio that i went past, just jam packed. you have a patio at yes home? watch 7:00 news with derek and me and maybe if you have a chance, go out, turn it on, and have a great night and enjoy that dinner outside. anything you want to do. with these temperatures, we are looking at 70s. closer to the bay, the atlantic, the southeast breeze are more held into the 60s. still very chilly water. here's the forecast for tonight. we'll fall back down into the 60s, lower 70s for others, especially as you work your way into the heart of the city. and a beautiful, beautiful forecast as we go back on. light breeze if anything also moving in. 75 right now in manassas.
5:36 pm
86 out in western maryland. things are really, really looking good. get to this forecast here before too long. you'll see we are going down to those 70s and 80s in many cases. rather in the 60s in many cases. here's a look at that. that wind, if any today, finds 10 miles south, it's a very light breeze tonight, clear, mild, looking great. the zone forecast, very close in look. we'll start with fairfax county first. this is where we fall in the upper 60s in some cases far out west, burke, lorton. lower 70s. then to prince georges county, closer as you get to the bay. lesli, derek. thousands are expected to head out to the white house for the easter egg roll. >> and what firefighters are digging for coming up on 9news now. and you are looking at a live picture of traffic along the dulles toll road this
5:37 pm
friday afternoon. it's not moving. and there are a lot of people trying to get out of town this easter weekend. i mean, patranya told us a couple hours ago, or said people in this traffic could be stuck for up to a couple hours. it's crazy. patranya is going to have more coming up in just four minutes.
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we have all seen ice sculptures, but what are they doing with chocolate? this special easter work of art portrays jesus christ and those who were with him at his time of death. >> some exercise will be part of the fun for the kids monday at the white house easter egg roll. first lady, michelle obama says the 30,000 people who are set to attend the event will get a
5:40 pm
dose of activities promoting healthy living and exercise. they will also get to see olympic speed skater, singer, justin bieber, and harry potter author, j.k. rowings. when 9news now gets going at 4:25 a.m. too bad, not a whole lot is going on on the roadways. you talk about a slow friday. >> it's not pretty, now we have this update on the situation on the toll road. you are going to be running into this. you don't want to be stuck in this traffic. this is due to an accident at the toll road has delays backed up all the way to the beltway right now. so it's not pretty and also, all lanes are still closed, except the left lane getting by right now, all access road to the airport open. now switch on over to our maps, like the traffic down on 95 and virginia, not bad enough, let's
5:41 pm
add a seven-car accident. right now, outer loop shut down the ramp. down south to 95, that ramp on the outer loop going south is closed. so there's really no good way to get around this. stay on also, i'm updating that website to see when that might reopen. really nasty situation. that's a quick check of not so pretty commute. derek and lesli, back to you. from the top of a mountain to your drinking glass. how a new ruling could affect your next glass of water. we'll explain in six minutes. i'm dave owens on the streets of martinsburg, west virginia, as the mountaineers get ready for their first final four since 1959, we have come to the eastern panhandle to get the pulse. i'll have that story. nchts beautiful it happens have been here for most of this week. they are going to go through the weekend. final almanac data coming in and official high of 77 at national. the rest of us, we hit a bunch
5:42 pm
of 80s around the area. we'll let you know what is coming up for the weekend when we return. 
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote.
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quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. ipad, ipad, ipad, folks are worked about what they are calling the most technological advance since the iphone and all those people are lining up to get their hands on it. the first person in line at this store in manhattan has been there since last wednesday. he was also the first person in line for an iphone and it's not the only place people are waiting. >> it will make things easier, which is what i'm looking for. to be able to work on the go. >> personally, i'm expecting big things from it. they are supposed to revolutionize the way we do everything, i mean, i'm excited. i'm kind of a geek that way, but i'm excited about that. >> yes, you are a geek, my
5:46 pm
friend. apple is not saying exactly how many orders it has taken so far, but it should be hitting the apple stores at midnight. mountain top mining, it's a practice you might not know about, but critics claim it destroyed land the size of delaware. it could even contaminate your drinking water. but now, the environmental protection agency is taking a bold move to curtail the harmful effects. brittany morehouse -- >> drinking water, lesli, how is it this cup of h2o may be at risk because of mining? well, because of the practice of blasting dynamite to unearth coal in west virginia. it's done next to wells and waterways. the toxic runoff runs into water. ravages community, kills off wildlife and some are cheering the epa for setting new standards while others are blasting it. >> a blast from west virginia that is so massive, it's felt in spirit in the nation's capital. where environmental groups lobby against mountain top
5:47 pm
mining in the name of our children's future. to be among them, robert f. kennedy jr. >> we should all care about those mountains. > miners remove the topsoil, then -- >> they use massive amounts of explosives. they blow the tops off of mountains. >> then parts of the eco systems are hauled off into nearby valleys until miners reach what they need. then they refill the area with the topsoil, so when it rains, there's runoff. >> the waste gets thrown into the water. the water carries it downstream. >> every waterway is contaminated with mercury. 6,000 americans die every year from coal plants. >> the epa is setting water quality guidelines for the first time putting a number on the maximum amount of toxins or solids found in measured streams. >> there was no number before. so this really gives a scientific approach. >> science that the national
5:48 pm
mining association questions. >> clearly, high, high levels of suspended solids and water is a problem, but these levels are very, very low and i think a lot of people are looking at them and saying they don't quite understand how they were d derived. >> and how can miners reach them? >> some hope that's the point. to gradually put an end to the practice. >> if this were happening in california, if it were happening in new york, these people would be in jail. >> and new today, some lawmakers are actually calling for the administration to do more to ban the banning. miners say if that happens, you will see a whole state's work force go under. the clean water act standards affect 80,000 direct coal mining jobs. derek and lesli. all right, thank you for that. caught on tape, man rescuing
5:49 pm
man's best friend. an australian shepherd belted from her owners during a walk in the park in cedar rapids, iowa. they found her trapped underneath concrete. firefighters to the rescue. they used air bags and plenty of elbow grease to free be bella. >> all right bella. >> they got to her right in time. >> all right, we are talking about the forecast here. things are looking great from the cherry blossoms to tourists coming in and going outdoors to doing nothing. >> the average is 62, we hit 77. that's 15 degrees above where we should be. in the next three days look just as good, maybe a few clouds rolling in. there is a front coming close to the region. we'll show it to you coming up. i think the same tomorrow. 76 on sunday. a few more clouds, maybe a degree or two cooler. these are national airport temperatures. the southeast breeze coming off the potomac. cooler, but many of us, 79, 80-
5:50 pm
degree temperatures into the lower 80s. 78 even by monday. overnight tonight, call it clear. maybe a bit of a nip in the air. it's cool, but temperatures only bottoming out 40s, even 50s for many. most of us through the 50s as we go through the morning. we are going to end up, most of us around the 80-degree mark. allergies, we have a nose sticking in with grass and weeds. 75, still some 80s off to the west. here is an exact track of this forecast. watch this front as it starts to come in. maybe some showers upper elevations. as it moves toward washington, that front dies out and washes away. we don't see anything but the return of sunshine into the forecast. temperature wise, this is national airport temperature i forecast for. many of us, especially in the western suburbs near 80 to the lower 80s. as you get closer to the bay and into the atlantic, temperatures into the 60s with an off water wind.
5:51 pm
>> that little bunny makes me happy. >> all right, west virginia is happy and we would be happier if they would make it past the final four. >> you think about how -- we would be excited if georgetown or maryland got to the final four. think about west virginia as a state. they don't have any prosports. what the mountaineers do is the biggest thing they have. it's a huge deal for that. west virginia state line is about an hour's drive from downtown dc and if you live in parts of loudoun county, you may do your grocery shopping. whatever the case, our neighbors to the west, many of whom get their news on channel 9 are happy. dave owens traveled across the border today to sample the madness in mountaineer country. >> we are in martinsburg, west virginia today, population, about 15,000. hey, it's a far cry from indianapolis and the final four. but don't tell these folks that here, as far as they're concerned, this is mountaineer central, and trust me, they are
5:52 pm
ready. >> when west virginia claimed its first final four bid since the 1950s -- >> he hits a three. >> it sparked a statewide celebration. with a little more than 24 hours to go before tipoff, i drove to the heart of the eastern panhandle to get the pulse. >> it doesn't happen a lot in this state and people get excited. >> go west virginia. go west virginia. >> signs like this at the restaurant, were everywhere. there had to be blue collar mountaineer love inside, right? >> mountaineers, number one. >> exactly. they have been there enough. >> the sign on this local law firm was painted black and white. inside, all blue and gold. and a virtual mountaineer shrine. >> these three or four basketballs were given to us, one by coach huggens. >> old? >> west virginia is going to win tomorrow. >> young. >> go west virginia. > rabid. >> who is going to beat?
5:53 pm
virginia. >> they are awfully excited, aren't they? i asked one gentleman if he thought the city was going be shut down during the game and he simply told me, if you have to get some groceries tomorrow, you better do so because you are going to be out of luck. i got my answer there. we are here in martinsburg, west virginia. dave owens, 9news now. >> that sidewalk that he is standing on is going to roll up tomorrow night as this game goes on. both final four games, butler, michigan state, that's the appetizer. and 9news now to follow. thanks for that, dave. coming up at 6:00, late news this afternoon that the redskins have signed another probowl runningback. it's willie parker, the former steelers star. i kid you not. details of what that means in particular for clinton portis. >> clinton portis has been getting it for days now. >> the insure for the senior
5:54 pm
citizens? >> we have a 28, 29, and 30- year-old. 9news now at 6:00 is a few minutes away. we cater to everybody. here's a look at what we have new for you tonight. a local university is on security alert. this is a serious story. after thieves target students at an alarming rate. plus, breaking the silence. the archdiocese of washington speaks out about sex abuse. and sex offenders, should they have access to computers after their release from jail? but first, getting some help from four legged friends. your friday hero three minutes away. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, 9news now at 6:00 is just a few minutes away.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
there is something very there -- it can be a lot more than a mental vacation. at the riding center, kids with disabilities are riding off into a better life. >> that cool kid in the
5:58 pm
glasses is 19-year-old jeremy smith. he's also this kid, with a genetic enzyme disorder that permanently damaged his hearing. but chet doesn't notice jeremy's challenges and helps jeremy get passed them. >> i'm able to stay on the horse by myself without anyone helping me stay on. >> speaking through a sign language interpreter, jeremy explains he has been coming here to the northern virginia therapeutic riding center since he was nine years old. as his skills have grown, so has his confidence. >> activities that i found that were really good for me and build my strength and i found that here. >> horses walks, moves the riders hips as if they were walking. if you take someone who is working on their independence and put them on a horse, you are able to build core strength, confidence, skills that will help them in every day life. >> riding center executive says clients disabilities come in many shapes and sizes, but
5:59 pm
here, the bottom line is always pretty simple. >> it's also just fun and the riders don't know how much they are working. >> booker is one of the 11 horses, servicing about 85 different kids every week. they charge about $58 a ride, but that only covers half the cost. i'm here to help. how would i feel if the guinett foundation and wusa9 are going to grant you $10,000? >> i would say that was wonderful. that's fantastic. we would be very excited. >> see. we are all good. nice, horsy. nice. >> the executive director tells me there is a one year waiting list. they are also looking to buy their own facility to expand the riding program even further. for more information, go to and click on the hero

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